Wednesday, 13 April 2011

TEFL illustrations for hispanic adult English students

Town IllustrationSupermarket Illustration

Books and courses to help people all over the world to learn English will always need many clear, detailed illustrations no matter how old or young the students might be. Freelance illustrator Richard Deverell has completed many TEFL illustration commissions for publishers in this field, including Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Letts.

Various types of illustration are required for TEFL publications. Richard’s style and strengths as an illustrator make him the ideal publisher’s choice:

Strong figure drawing, all ethnic groups : Clear, clean line work : Colour, black line, and line with tone : Specialising in detailed, busy pictures : Picture sequences – graphic novel : Specialising in aerial perspective : Can adapt style for any age group

These artworks were commissioned by Oxford University Press in the USA. The language course was for teens and adults (mainly Hispanics) living in the United States to help them to learn English. The briefs for each picture or group of illustrations were very specific. All language teaching materials feature many such sequences and small illustrations.

The town illustration had to include each of the buildings and features depicted, with no possibility for misinterpreting any one of them. The supermarket scene had to show all these food items so the students could clearly identify each one.

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