Monday 18 April 2011

More Bible Story Illustrations - Jonah

Jonah Sinking Image

When illustrating the Bible for children, special attention must be paid to details. So often in the past artists have trusted their predecessors’ work. Research is needed. First, it helps to read the Bible. Not just the story that is being illustrated, but also the background to that story. For example, a long time ago Richard was asked to draw the Ark of the Covenant being carried. What does it look like? There’s a great description of it in the Bible, but what he failed to notice was that no one, on pain of certain instant death, could look at it. Therefore it was covered with a heavy cloth. Even the publisher got really excited at the accurate and magnificent depiction of the ark that Richard illustrated for them to their detailed brief, and it was their US partner who pointed out this error. Whoops!!

The most important thing is that the stories are presented in a fun, contemporary style.

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