Tuesday 8 October 2013

Martin Handford and "Where's Wally"

Interestingly I was making busy pictures with lots of people at the same time the illustrator Martin Handford was  creating the first Where's Wally titles.

I was creating several epic Bible story pictures: single images that each
told the whole story.  One of these, Escape from Egypt (Where's Moses?) was selected by the Association of Illustrators for their annual, an honour I shared that year with Martin Handford.

As a result I received a succession of requests for my "busy pictures", as did Martin, who referred at least two clients to me when he was much too busy doing more Wally books.  One of them said Martin had told him that I was better than him.  This is not true.  We are both great, in our own ways.

Thursday 7 February 2013

More cartoons to mark special occasions

So you've been together now for 40 years, and it don't seem a day too much?

Special anniversaries, birthdays and retirement are times when we can splash out on that extra special, VERY personal gift that will be treasured for ever.

Working entirely from photographs of total strangers, and from briefs that specified interests and memories, Richard created these cartoon illustrations.

Anna (Macca) wanted to bless the socks off Rach by marking the 10th anniversary of their union with this memento of trips they made together over the years, great friends they have met along the way, their much loved late fathers, and of course their mutual love of football that brought them together.

Roger's colleagues commissioned this portrait of him with his favourite drink, outside his favourite watering hole, and with a hint of his passion for wildlife.

Anna specified that the framed illustration could not be too big, because they don't have much wall space in their home.  This is never an issue as Richard's illustrations for personal greetings or pictures to frame are executed digitally and printed by the giclee method on quality paper, so you can have any size you want and it will last a lifetime without fading.

For Roger's gift, the client purchased a frame with a mount that gave the proportions of the image and determined the size of the giclee print. This is a great way to go if you want to keep costs within a reasonable budget. You can contact Richard for a quotation. 

Friday 25 January 2013

Special occasion? Cartoons from photographs

Getting married or got a special occasion coming up? Richard Deverell can give you a very personal touch for invitations with your own cartoon.  If you are getting hitched on a budget and you think this might be a bit extravagant, he can also arrange for design and printing your invitations, without that premium that gets added on when you mention the word "wedding".

Was this your December?

Cartoons are featuring more and more in advertising and marketing materials

A designer called me in the New Year wanting a speedy cartoon for a client looking to capitalise on that "we must do better next year" cry from online retail companies who failed to cope with the Christmas rush. Cartoons are growing in popularity. You can convey so much more in a small space with a cartoon illustration than you can with words and photographs. If this little postcard does nothing else, it will raise a few smiles!